4D Evaluation


RESHAPE is a partnership of intermediary arts organisations who support the development of the arts sector in their countries or regions. It is a research and development project to jointly create innovative organisational models and reflect on concrete answers to crucial challenges related to the production, distribution and presentation of contemporary art practices by rethinking its instruments and collaborative models.

FARO is a learning community that develops tools to create, manage, train, evaluate and orient projects and institutions. An Innovation Laboratory for new metrics and methods to calculate the value of culture as an axis of social transformation. Based on the Fluxonomy methodology, the project involves 14 initiatives (5 cultural institutions, 2 festivals, 5 independent projects, 2 self-managed projects), from 7 different countries: Spain, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, France and Cuba. 

This website is one of the five prototypes developed in the framework of RESHAPE, it was made possible with a conjunction of resources with the support of FARO, Fluxonomia 4D, RESHAPE’s budget during the period 2019-20, the contributions of Reshapers and a conjunction of extra support coming from Reshape’s prototyping, conference budgets and Pro Helvetia. It is a work in progress, and it will continue to be developed and improved over the next years. 

Research and development by RESHAPERS and FARO members : Claire Zerhouni, Eduardo Bonito, Isabel Ferreira, Katarina Pavic, Lala Deheinzelin, and Livia Diniz


Researchers : Mónica Pérez Blanquer, Silvina Martínez, Cristina Alonso, Iara Solano, Fernando Garcia, Elena Carmona

Prototype coordination : Lívia Diniz

FARO’s visual Identity : Rafael Frazão

Data VIsualizations : Tiago Pimentel

Website design : Mladen Katanić

Website programing : Slobodna domena (Marko Vuković and Stjepan Vrljičak)



Fluxonomia 4D, Brazil

BAC Biennale of Arts of the Body, Image and Movement, Madrid, Spain  

Consortium of Museums Comunitat Valenciana, Valencia, Spain

Feboasoma, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Graner Artistic Residences Centre, Barcelona, Spain

Invisible Pedagogies, Madrid, Spain  

mARTadero project, Cochabamba, Bolivia

NAVE Artistic Residences Centre, Santiago, Chile

LABEA – Art and Ecology Laboratory, Catalonia and Pamplona Spain

Salmon Festival, Barcelona, Spain 

Teatre L’artesá, El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain

Teatro de la Abadia, Madrid, Spain

Uniflux, São Paulo, Brazil





Institut Valencià de Cultura

Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Cadiz






ACT Association | Sofia, Bulgaria 
AltArt Foundation | Cluj-Napoca, Romania 
Artemrede | Santarém, Portugal 
Arts and Theatre Institute | Prague, Czech Republic 
British Council | London, United Kingdom 
Bunker | Ljubljana, Slovenia 
East European Performing Arts Platform | Lublin, Poland 
Flanders Arts Institute | Brussels, Belgium 
Goethe-Institut Barcelona | Barcelona, Spain 
Onassis Foundation & Onassis AiR: (inter)national artistic research program | Athens, Greece 
Onda — French office for contemporary performing arts circulation | Paris, France 
POGON – Zagreb Centre for Independent Culture and Youth | Zagreb, Croatia 
Pro Helvetia | Zürich, Switzerland



Danish Arts Foundation | Copenhagen, Denmark
Ettijahat | Beirut, Lebanon
EUNIC | Bruxelles, Belgium
Frame Contemporary Art Finland | Helsinki, Finland
Mondriaan Fund | Amsterdam, Netherlands
Performing Arts Fund NL | Hague, Netherlands

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